Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 minutes late

5 minutes late and 20 minutes of pure agony. I was late in fetching my son at his co-curricular activities at school today. And because of the delay my son was nowhere to be found. It was the most anxious moment for me. I had to search high and low for him in the school compound that a concerned teacher took notice of my visible manner walking around like a headless chicken. Turns out she was my son's last year class teacher.

When it becomes pointless to keep searching him as the crowd becomes smaller I quickly head off to the school's administration office to make a phone call as I did not bring my semakfon with me (big mistake!). Called home, Kak Ngah picked up and was so relieved to know that he's home safely. Phewww! Call me a paranoid or over cautious mom. These days with senseless crimes happening everywhere and every second even at your front gate, there's no excuse for being careless or taking things easy when it comes to your child's safety.

Lesson learnt here. Always remind Bunyamin to wait at the Pondok Guard in case I'm late again. He's the type of kid that needs to be reminded over and over again. On a positive note (I always try to analyze things when something like this happens) I was quite surprised that Bunyamin managed to memorise the usual route to our rented home although we moved in less than a month. To think that he was alone and because he doesn't know the shortcuts he had to walk like half a kilometer under a hot sunny day and that was quite a feat for an 8 year old kid. 

When I reached home I found him lying down on the sofa with sweats all over him and the fan was blasting full speed and I'd expect him to least get tearful from the incident but instead all he could ask from me was "Could I have a glass of iced water please?".

Yeah that's my little hero alright.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Opss didnt you hear me well madam?

Best answer ever! That's how you answer to some perasan bagus snooty people. Never ever mess with a laser-tongued gay flight attendant. LOL!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Change is always good

Yeah I've decided to re-name my blog title and this time I chose my former blog title as a new one to mark my comeback to blogging.

Just hope that this isn't going to be hot hot chicken shit out of boredom episodes. LOL!

A moving experience

Whoaa decided to blog again after a very long hiatus. Maybe Facebook has become too restricted in terms of creative writing that I need a different outlet to burst out. Besides in facebook people dont really care to read anything above 250 words on your status unless you're a motivational speaker or a celebrity-famous ustadz or ustadzah. Other than that Facebook is all about hard-core selfies and foodies. LOL!

Okay first thing first. We finally moved out from our first home after living here in Saujana Utama for 13 years. There were just so many sweet sour and bitter memories taken place in this home. When we first moved here my eldest child was just barely 2 years old and I was heavily pregnant with my second. There was a tinge of sadness in my heart about this place. After all my kids grew up here. From when they were babies to being young adults now. How time flies really fast eh. Sob sob.

I also discovered (sheepish...) that I was a moderate (bordering on severe) hoarder. I had kept unneeded unused items in my kitchen for so long that when its time to pack things I had no recollection whatsoever how they got there. No wonder I complained so much about not having space in my tiny kitchen. The junks were so many that the moving truck had to make a second trip to dispose them. Good riddance!

If you think moving out is tiring and exhausting wait till you move in another house. We rented a smaller house whilst waiting for our new home to be renovated in 3 months time. We think that moving into a single storey 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms house was much easier for the unpacking and sorting out stuffs. Not really. Its double the work coz we dont have much space left to accommodate our belongings and we ended up storing less-used items in the 3rd room that had been converted as a temporary storeroom. Since the 3rd room cant be used for proper sleeping requirements, naturally Little B (I probably had to use his real name after this as he's no longer a little boy now huhu...) had to share room with us. Can you imagine sleeping next to a very lasak boy who also has an equally lasak dad and ohh I had developed back pain ever since then. And I also made a few trips to see the chiropractor about this problem. I just need to bear all this for a short while. It seems like eternity...sigh!

On a good side, it is refreshing to move in a different neighbourhood surroundings though the environment is somewhat the same. Different neighbours of course but same ol' attitude haha! No matter where you go this is Boleh-Land. I shall not elaborate on that coz its too boring. But I do notice one thing apparent. The concept of greeting and welcoming new neighbours is slowly diminishing. We are reduced to smiling each other whenever our paths crossed. I guess that's the price we had to pay in the name of urbanisation. You win some you lose some. 

Having said that I'm looking forward to move to our permanent home when the time comes. I hope things will get better if not perfect. One can only hope to have nice and problem free neighbours whom you can rely on when there is an emergency situation. A mental note to myself. Make sure to do housewarming party and invite all neighbours alike and probably make new friends and avoid animosity. Sounds like a great idea to start with. LOL!

Meanwhile I just keep adjusting to my otherwise mundane routines to  a very quiet neighbourhood. Cheers!

Pic left I was carrying Kak Long in my arms before moving in at our old house and pic right taking one last photo of us together after moving out...Kak Long is too heavy for me to carry hehe...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Been a while

Whenever I need some inspiration to uplift my spirit high I turn to Reader's Digest. Feel good stories are abundance in there.

By the way, its good to be back where I'm good at. Rambling that is.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My new love interest

Nice eh?

Just got it last weekend. A gift from dear hubby. Thanks to him for being generous and kind enough to buy me this cool gadget. Baik ada makna tuh haha! 

My old smartphone has decided to become obsolete after 2 solid years of providing good service. She was such an excellent and conscientious Personal Assistant. 

No wonder they are called smartphones. They look and work smart. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Tale of a bantal bucuk

any takers for this item? sold for 10 ringgit...hey there's a sentimental value attached to it so that explains the steep price tag :P

It (pic above) once belonged to this girl named Kak Ngah. It was her most sayangable favorite item since she was a toddler. It had served unconditionally as her sleeping aide, her best buddy, her pacifier, her punching bag (when she throws tantrum) and as play-doll in the absence of a doll. I don't really understand how she managed to picture it as a doll but she did anyway. Some imagination that kid has.

I somehow believe this strong attachment with bantal bucuk has been associated with the feeling of insecurity and a sense of emotional comfort for its owner. Its a great soothing device for a dispirited soul be it young or old. And its hereditary, (the attachment to a bantal bucuk) being passed down from a generation to a generation. In this case, Kak Ngah got it from me!

I started to develop neediness on bantal bucuk when I was into my teens. Back then, it was cool and trendy for girls to have one or multiples in their bedroom. Its a must-have accessory I tell ya. And my bantal bucuk was more fashionable (retro?) and colorful with flowery designs and smelled naturally good too. You don't really get to see all those "maps" all over the place unlike my daughter's bantal bucuk. Lo and behold if she caught me trying to put her precious bantal bucuk in the washing machine. Do that and she'll bawl for hours on end till I surrender. I tried to smell it once and I felt like puking bile coz it was that bad. Not to mention the color changes from spotless white to yucky yellowish that I swear it could turn crystal clear water to teh-tarik look in split seconds. Awesome.

Well, to make an obviously long and tedious boring story short, the bantal bucuk that has faithfully accompanied Kak Ngah for such a long long time has finally been neglected, abandoned, ditched or whatever you call  it when you don't need that person/thing anymore. Such a cruel fate at the hand of an 11 year old heartbreaker girl. Sob sob.

She seems to no longer need it though it still lurks around the house, sometimes under the sofa or between the sofa cushion, sometimes under her bed for God knows how long it has been down there collecting dust, sometimes stucked behind the door or crumpled in the dirty laundry basket and wherever it wants to be lah. It never stays in one place at a time. It travels a lot lately. Macam dendang perantau gitu. Today maybe in Kak Ngah's room and tomorrow maybe under the dining table or on the fridge top who knows. Come to think of it, I seriously think that bantal bucuk has a life of its own! 

Macam dalam cerita anak patung yang berhantu tuh. Penama dia, Chucky?! Yikes!

P/S: To this day I still have my bantal bucuk and I'm happy to report that it has been with me for more than 20 years. During those time only the pillow cover keeps changing but the content is still the same and my bantal bucuk had on several occasion shared some lovely threesome together with the husband and I. Oopss nothing kinky of that sort ok he he :P