Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Exercise rawks!

Bumped into an old neighbor recently. I had not seen her for quite a while since I moved out. We exchanged pleasantries and hugs. She was amazed at how different I look now she hardly recognized me. I take that as a compliment. It was I who actually noticed her first. Of course then I had lost so much weight. But what irks me, the first thing she said was what slimming product did I use. I was like cringe and tersengih macam kerang busuk.

Alahaiiii buat penat je aku berzumba pagi petang siang malam (ok I exaggerated that a bit) and that doesn't include piloxing, body toning, muscle conditioning, weight lifting, tabata, circuit training, HIIT and what nots. I practically sweat blood doing all that stuff adeh!

Coolly, I told her that I had never use any slimming product whatsoever for weight loss. I don't even go to slimming spa. Tak mampu beb coz its too damn expensive. I just follow buta-buta the old school way - eat balanced diet and exercise. Lots of it! Took me a year and a half to get where I am today. Its no easy feat I must say. Takes a lot of patience, endurance and perseverance.

I guess the truth is hard to swallow for some people. Maybe they think that exercise takes too much hard work and some simply don't have luxury of time to do it which I think is the most lame excuse ever. No pain no gain right? If you want something so bad you have to work your ass hard for it. There is no quick fix. And the fact that exercise is the most safest, cheapest and effective way to lose weight without any side effects makes it all the more appealing. Besides that it also maintains your stamina and gives you extra energy, you will look athletic, feel fit and active and at the same time reduce the risk of getting heart diseases and other inflammatory diseases caused by sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and unnecessary stress over time. I have been told many times that I appear younger than my actual age (mak jemah feel poyo jap haha) and I'm already in my late forties!

I have come to a stage where I no longer need to lose weight but to stay in shape and I have to admit maintaining my current weight is equally challenging. This is where one needs utmost discipline of highest level. But I have no complaints because I simply love exercise. Workout is best done with your spouse or friends in the same boat and in my case I chose aerobic because it combines cardio incorporates dancing and of course great fun. You want to start exercise? I suggest get a chic looking workout attire with good training shoes and you are already there. Make an impact!

And oh by the way, speaking about slimming product, if you take a short cut be prepared to get a short term result as well. I have tried and tested those. Not worth it at all.

Blanje welfie satu.....my awesome aerobic buddies. Spot me if you can haha!


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Lee said...

Hello KC, how you doin'? Love this posting as well your stylish eloquence.
Hope this finds you well.
Best regards, simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

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