Wednesday, February 19, 2014

5 minutes late

5 minutes late and 20 minutes of pure agony. I was late in fetching my son at his co-curricular activities at school today. And because of the delay my son was nowhere to be found. It was the most anxious moment for me. I had to search high and low for him in the school compound that a concerned teacher took notice of my visible manner walking around like a headless chicken. Turns out she was my son's last year class teacher.

When it becomes pointless to keep searching him as the crowd becomes smaller I quickly head off to the school's administration office to make a phone call as I did not bring my semakfon with me (big mistake!). Called home, Kak Ngah picked up and was so relieved to know that he's home safely. Phewww! Call me a paranoid or over cautious mom. These days with senseless crimes happening everywhere and every second even at your front gate, there's no excuse for being careless or taking things easy when it comes to your child's safety.

Lesson learnt here. Always remind Bunyamin to wait at the Pondok Guard in case I'm late again. He's the type of kid that needs to be reminded over and over again. On a positive note (I always try to analyze things when something like this happens) I was quite surprised that Bunyamin managed to memorise the usual route to our rented home although we moved in less than a month. To think that he was alone and because he doesn't know the shortcuts he had to walk like half a kilometer under a hot sunny day and that was quite a feat for an 8 year old kid. 

When I reached home I found him lying down on the sofa with sweats all over him and the fan was blasting full speed and I'd expect him to least get tearful from the incident but instead all he could ask from me was "Could I have a glass of iced water please?".

Yeah that's my little hero alright.


Uncle Lee said...

Hi KC, how you doin'? Glad your boy is safe. Yes, we can never be too careful with kids, what with the crime rate going up.

Where we are kids waiting for their moms or dad to fetch them have to remain in the school, and there'll always be one or 2 teachers waiting with them till everyone is collected.
Maybe you could bring this up with the school principal?
You stay easy, keep a song in your heart.
Best regards.

Sofu Hashim said...

Alhamdulillah bijak Bunyamin terus balik rumah..bukan anak kecil je kena remind tempat tunggu tu kak yang besar pun sama..kadang2 lain kita cakap lain tempat dia tunggu

Yati WTL said...

salam perkenalan

KC said...

salam perkenalan to you to yati