Friday, March 23, 2012

Tale of a bantal bucuk

any takers for this item? sold for 10 ringgit...hey there's a sentimental value attached to it so that explains the steep price tag :P

It (pic above) once belonged to this girl named Kak Ngah. It was her most sayangable favorite item since she was a toddler. It had served unconditionally as her sleeping aide, her best buddy, her pacifier, her punching bag (when she throws tantrum) and as play-doll in the absence of a doll. I don't really understand how she managed to picture it as a doll but she did anyway. Some imagination that kid has.

I somehow believe this strong attachment with bantal bucuk has been associated with the feeling of insecurity and a sense of emotional comfort for its owner. Its a great soothing device for a dispirited soul be it young or old. And its hereditary, (the attachment to a bantal bucuk) being passed down from a generation to a generation. In this case, Kak Ngah got it from me!

I started to develop neediness on bantal bucuk when I was into my teens. Back then, it was cool and trendy for girls to have one or multiples in their bedroom. Its a must-have accessory I tell ya. And my bantal bucuk was more fashionable (retro?) and colorful with flowery designs and smelled naturally good too. You don't really get to see all those "maps" all over the place unlike my daughter's bantal bucuk. Lo and behold if she caught me trying to put her precious bantal bucuk in the washing machine. Do that and she'll bawl for hours on end till I surrender. I tried to smell it once and I felt like puking bile coz it was that bad. Not to mention the color changes from spotless white to yucky yellowish that I swear it could turn crystal clear water to teh-tarik look in split seconds. Awesome.

Well, to make an obviously long and tedious boring story short, the bantal bucuk that has faithfully accompanied Kak Ngah for such a long long time has finally been neglected, abandoned, ditched or whatever you call  it when you don't need that person/thing anymore. Such a cruel fate at the hand of an 11 year old heartbreaker girl. Sob sob.

She seems to no longer need it though it still lurks around the house, sometimes under the sofa or between the sofa cushion, sometimes under her bed for God knows how long it has been down there collecting dust, sometimes stucked behind the door or crumpled in the dirty laundry basket and wherever it wants to be lah. It never stays in one place at a time. It travels a lot lately. Macam dendang perantau gitu. Today maybe in Kak Ngah's room and tomorrow maybe under the dining table or on the fridge top who knows. Come to think of it, I seriously think that bantal bucuk has a life of its own! 

Macam dalam cerita anak patung yang berhantu tuh. Penama dia, Chucky?! Yikes!

P/S: To this day I still have my bantal bucuk and I'm happy to report that it has been with me for more than 20 years. During those time only the pillow cover keeps changing but the content is still the same and my bantal bucuk had on several occasion shared some lovely threesome together with the husband and I. Oopss nothing kinky of that sort ok he he :P


EFS said...

kena frame up bantal bucuk ni.

KC said...


that's actually a good idea...thanks!

Rihen said...

i love bantal busuk too.. hehehe

Uncle Lee said...

Hi KC, I sure love this posting. Incidentally I never heard of 'bantal bucuk'. Perlok yes.
I guess most everyone of us have this experience of a favourite pillow when very young, smells, stains and all.
It is or was our comforter, comforting us after a scolding from mother, or not doing well in exams....

Holy Smoke! You still have yours? After 20 years?
Hmmm, talk about sentimentality, ha ha ha.
You have a nice day, KC, keep well.

Ida Zaini said...

hehehe...luckly my kids takda but my nephew ada :baju busuk" dah 7 years and sampai jadi kain buruk sgt teruk...kalau basuh mengamuk...hahaha

KC said...

Ida Zaini;

haha harus baju bucuk tu boleh hancur mereput kalau basuh :P

Uncle Lee;

bantal bucuk is akin to safety blanket just like that famous cartoon peanut...a very common sight with smaller kids...yeah i still had mine but mine dont smell that bad coz i always had it dried outside with sunshine ;)


high 5 la kita :P